Most of us have closets that are overflowing with old clothes that we might not want to get rid of just yet. Why not put them into storage? Freeing up closet space is a annual (or biannual) tradition for many people. Especially if you are swapping out your summer wardrobe for your winter one.​

Follow these steps to prevent damage to your fabrics and furs:

  • Pick a proper storage facility.  Lucky for you, Discount Self Storage facilities are climate controlled! Storage facilities should be cool and dry. Cooler temperatures prevent mold growth, pests, molting of furs and drying out of leather. Sunlight can also cause fading and attracts insects. This is another reason why a self storage unit is safer than your garage.
  • Invest in proper packing material. Plastic bags should be avoided and depending on how expensive your clothing is, you may want to avoid the vacuum sealed plastic bags as well. They can permanently crush fabrics and furs.
  • Use non rusting hangers.
  • wardrobe box for storageWardrobe boxes are specifically designed for storing clothes and come with a built in hanging rod. These are very useful for furs, suits and other clothes that need to be hung.
  • Use sheets of acid free white tissue to separate garments and line boxes or bins.
  • Chemical desiccants (silica gel) packets can be used to absorb moisture.
  • Ventilation is important when preserving natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk and linen, as well as suede and leather. A wicker trunk or unused suitcase can be a great choice for fabrics that can be folded and stacked safely.
  • Cedar blocks, mothballs, etc. can be used in addition to pest control methods provided by the facility. Since they are toxic, avoid using mothballs anywhere where children may be present.
  • Avoid storing clothing in dresser drawers or trunks that are lined with wallpaper or adhesive liner paper, as the glue can attract pests. Glued boxes can present the same problem.
  • Avoid using starch or fabric finish on any garments that will be stored.
  • Fur should be stored in professional cold storage for best results.

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