Do you need to access things in your storage unit frequently? If you are not organized, it may take forever to find something.  Here are some tips on how to organize your self storage unit so you can find things you need easily and quickly, without having to look through every box in your unit.

First start by unpacking everything.  Yes, this sounds crazy and backwards but our goal is to pack like things with like things. Put all smaller items in a pile, put the holiday items in a pile, clothes, dishes, electronics.  They don’t have to be super detailed groups, just general is fine.

Next, pick one box size and stick with it.  Having the same size boxes will make them easier to stack, Small to medium boxes work best.  Large boxes may fit a lot of things but if you load one full of books, it may be too heavy to move.

Start putting each of your grouped items into boxes and label them as you fill them.  The more detail on your labels, the easier it will be to find things later.

Stack your boxes from back to front in order of need.  The items that you need more often should go in the front.  Be careful to not stack boxes too high.  If you cannot reach a box safely, it means it is too high! The last thing you want is a heavy box falling on you.  If your storage unit has shelves, make sure the labels are facing out so you can see them.

Additionally, investing in some pallets to keep your boxes off the ground may be a good idea.