Even in today’s digital photography age, many of us still have old photographs that we cherish. If you are going to store them for safe keeping in your storage unit, you will need to know how to do it properly so they do not get ruined over time from improper storage.

Here are steps to take to ensure that your old photos last a life time!

  1. Do not keep your photos in magnetic or peel and stick photo albums. These albums are made out of glue and cardboard that have materials that will damage your photos overtime. If you do want to keep them organized in an album, be sure to buy an “acid-free” high quality photo album.
  2. Remove any glue, tape, staples or rubber bands that are on your photos or holding your photos together. They can stain or scratch your photos in storage.
  3. Use only clean, dry metal boxes or cardboard boxes that are labeled “acid-free.”
  4. Put each photo in a plastic sleeve designed for photo storage. These are available at your local photography store. Make sure the plastic sleeves are PVC free
  5. If you are storing a large amount of photos, put acid free paper in between layers of photographs to keep them safe.  A good rule of thumb is to never use wood or cardboard storage boxes that are NOT labeled acid-free.
  6. Make sure your storage unit is climate controlled.  Do not store photographs in an attic or basement because temperatures and humidity can fluctuate greatly.